New avast! 7 Internet Security brings corporate level security to your home computer

Deborah Salmi, 2 March 2012

New avast! 7 Internet Security brings corporate level security to your home computer

The new avast! 7 Internet Security brings top-level security and privacy previously only known in corporate environments to your personal computer. Features such as the Sandbox and avast! SafeZone give all computer users easy access to applied virtualization.

The Sandbox feature allows avast! to automatically run any suspicious program in an isolated or virtual state. It’s as if all changes to the hard drive were actually made to your system, but you can discard these changes and put your computer back exactly the way it was before entering the Sandbox. This insures that no damage can be done to your operating system or your files. New control options prevent sandboxed apps from taking screenshots or video captures. You can also decide which private files, such as recent documents or recently typed URLs are blocked or read-only for virtualized applications.

Avast! SafeZone is a unique feature that allows you to perform sensitive transactions, like online banking or shopping, shielded from the rest of the operating system. By switching to SafeZone, you will get a clean desktop where you can run the session without the risk of being monitored by spyware or keyloggers. Essentially it allows you to browse the web in a private, secure environment, invisible to the rest of your internal system, as well as keeping nosy external intruders out.

The new avast! 7 Internet Security and Pro Antivirus also include streaming updates from the “cloud”, FileRep’s Internet-wide identification of clean and infected files, and Remote Assistance and the avast! Account features for helping friends out.

“We see Internet Security as the top-notch security solution for the masses and the Pro Antivirus as a ‘geeky’ product for those who want to build their own security setup,” stated Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software.

Both avast! Pro Antivirus and avast! Internet Security include the SafeZone and full Sandbox capabilities. Managed versions of these two premium products will be released in upcoming months.

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