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February 28th, 2012

Sounds, links, and languages

How often do you receive links in your email box – and then discover that they are malware?

I get them frequently – and was even sent some malware by my cousin and sister(see

But this time, the link is a great cartoon – which reminds me of three important avast! features.

Sounds – I like the avast! updates. For people that do not want this information, or find them annoying, turning them off is simple. Just go to the avast! settings and then to the “Sounds” tab. You can even pick and choose which announcements to hear.

Links – Randomly clicking on links, even from friends,  is an easy way to pick up some malware. This is why running the browser in the sandbox (only with avast! Pro and Internet Security) is a good idea.

Languages – Normally my computer is set to “Pirate English” but I try out other languages for fun. avast! comes in over 30 official languages plus an additional 20+ special versions such as “Redneck” and “Slaski”. To try out a different language pack, just visit the avast! website at


  • ilker

    This happened before in women wrestling championship tournament. They forgot to turn off the avast sounds and we heard update notification. It was funny :) About cartoon; It is quite right if your speakers are at max and it can be irritating. To avoid this, i suggest, avast should balance its volume automatically if windows volume is too high. Or there could an option to set volume level of avast sounds in the settings. This would solve the problem and people would not had to turn off avast voices. Greetings from Turkey :)

  • rahimali

    and to add to above suggestion, it would be even better if avast could detect another audio or full screen application was running and show a discreet system tray notification. btw, the first thing i do after installing avast (yes even before updating virus definitions for the first time) is turn off audio notifications

  • RejZoR

    Here was my proposition but unfortunately i never got any reponse from the avast! team what they think about it:

  • Zayiflama

    Js files in some other programs on my avast warns me not give a warning. This is because the Badr?

  • spg SCOTT

    That cartoon is perfect for discussing the avast sounds, they are loud.

    I would welcome a quieter, more subtle soundpack. If I could find some sounds that are good enough, I would make my own soundpack.

    Right now, I just turn the voiceover off, and hear the short versions of the default.

    In vista/7 you can adjust the level of avast sound relative to the machine, but only shortly after the sound has been played, by right clicking the sound icon in the taskbar and choosing Open Volume Mixer – avast should be there to turn it down a bit…