Sounds, links, and languages

Avast Security Blogger, 28 February 2012

Sounds, links, and languages

How often do you receive links in your email box – and then discover that they are malware?

I get them frequently – and was even sent some malware by my cousin and sister(see

But this time, the link is a great cartoon – which reminds me of three important avast! features.

Sounds – I like the avast! updates. For people that do not want this information, or find them annoying, turning them off is simple. Just go to the avast! settings and then to the "Sounds" tab. You can even pick and choose which announcements to hear.

Links – Randomly clicking on links, even from friends, is an easy way to pick up some malware. This is why running the browser in the sandbox (only with avast! Pro and Internet Security) is a good idea.

Languages – Normally my computer is set to “Pirate English” but I try out other languages for fun. avast! comes in over 30 official languages plus an additional 20+ special versions such as “Redneck” and “Slaski”. To try out a different language pack, just visit the avast! website at


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