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February 28th, 2012

Sounds, links, and languages

How often do you receive links in your email box – and then discover that they are malware?

I get them frequently – and was even sent some malware by my cousin and sister(see

But this time, the link is a great cartoon – which reminds me of three important avast! features.

Sounds – I like the avast! updates. For people that do not want this information, or find them annoying, turning them off is simple. Just go to the avast! settings and then to the “Sounds” tab. You can even pick and choose which announcements to hear.

Links – Randomly clicking on links, even from friends,  is an easy way to pick up some malware. This is why running the browser in the sandbox (only with avast! Pro and Internet Security) is a good idea.

Languages – Normally my computer is set to “Pirate English” but I try out other languages for fun. avast! comes in over 30 official languages plus an additional 20+ special versions such as “Redneck” and “Slaski”. To try out a different language pack, just visit the avast! website at


February 27th, 2012

Don’t shoot the messenger

Not everyone appreciates an avast! warning. Some IT professionals find it hard to believe that an infection has taken place on the computers and the networks under their supervision.

“In today’s update you have included their website as being infected and harmful,” complained one web developer in an email to AVAST Software. “For the last month, it has been a brand new site. I have scanned the site with several online website scanners and they all come up clean.”

AVAST Software sends out a lot of warnings to users. During January of 2012, we recorded 1.87 billion incidents of our users encountering malware.

In this specific case, the company owners had avast! on their own computers and they were getting warnings that their site was infected. Even worse, because their avast! was blocking them from accessing their own site, they realized potential customers were also getting shut out – costing them money.

While online scans from two other security suppliers did not detect anything, Jiri Sejtko at the AVAST Virus Lab did. Read more…

February 23rd, 2012

Twilight author’s official website attacked

Stephenie Meyer, author of the wildly popular Twilight series, can add zombies to her legion of supernatural beings. Unfortunately, they are not her own creation.

Ms. Meyer’s official website( has fallen victim to a sinister force known as the CRiMEPACK exploit pack. CRiMEPACK  is designed to take advantage of a number of vulnerabilities in systems with weaknesses in some of its applications. When it finds an opening, it delivers malicious code that converts the system into a zombie, which becomes part of a network of criminal activity.

So steer clear of her website for now, until some zombie killers arrive on the scene.

Here is an image of the highlighted redirector code injected into the landing page.

February 16th, 2012

Standard hacker tactics after Whitney Houston’s death

There seems to be a playbook of standard hacker tactics after a celebrity death or an event of worldwide interest like earthquakes or tsunamis.  Hours after the announcement of pop diva Whitney Houston’s death, scammers had already devised schemes to prey on fans seeking information – appearing to recycle those used after the deaths of Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs.

A Facebook message, claiming to link to a video of Whitney Houston’s autopsy, takes the user to a page with an embedded YouTube video. When you try to play it, a pop-up message appears instructing the user to update their copy of Adobe’s Flash from a bogus site. The video scam has become viral. Read more…

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February 10th, 2012

Online Dating Advice for the Lovelorn

Dear Miss Deborah,
Three months ago, I started chatting with a guy I met online, and we really hit it off – we have so much in common! He looks quite handsome in the photos he sent. He sent me flowers and a sweet teddy bear. Isn’t that romantic? We haven’t met yet, because he is actually supervising a construction project in an African country, but we will when he gets back. I can’t wait.

Yesterday, I got a message from him explaining how he is unable to cash his checks and asking if I could wire him money so he could come home. I’m starting to like him more each day, and I want to meet him. What should I do? Risk rejection or send him the money?

Single and looking again

Read more…

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February 10th, 2012

Avast! Free Mobile Security Contest results.

Since you asked for avast! Free Mobile Security (for Android) and we gave it to you, we wanted to celebrate its launch with our Community. Thus, from December 22, 2011 to January 22, 2012 we offered a contest where you could win 10 Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones and 300 free avast! Internet Security licenses.

Our contest question was…

We asked you to predict how many users of avast! Free Mobile Security there will be by February 10, 2012, 12:00 CET.

Responses showed us…

Roughly 50,000 contest participants showed us that we should actually do it more often. So even if you weren’t lucky this time, make sure you won’t miss our next one! :)

Results are finally in…

As February 10 is here, we can finally tell you that, as of today, we have 2 168 960 users of avast! Free Mobile Security.

Winners to be announced…

In the next 10 days, we will announce the 10 winners of Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones. Our winner will find his or her name in this format on our Facebook banner: Martin F.. And we will contact the winner via email, to arrange prize delivery.

The next-closest 300 responses will receive (via email) free licenses of avast! Internet Security.

Keep watching…

If you participated in our contest and your prediction was close to our final number above, be sure to follow our Facebook page and check your email regularly! :D

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February 7th, 2012

Safer Internet Day 2012

Did you now that…

  • 26% of children report having a public social networking profile
  • 12% of European 9-16 year olds say they have been bothered or upset by something on the Internet
  • …however, 56% of parents whose child has received nasty or hurtful messages online are not aware of this

Today, in more than 70 countries worldwide, the ninth annual Safer Internet Day is being celebrated as part of a global drive to promote safer Internet usage for children and young people. This year’s campaign, “Discover the digital world together…safely” is focused on connecting generations and educating each other. Tech-savvy youngsters can teach older generations how to use new technologies, while parents and grandparents draw on their life experiences to advise younger generations on how to stay safe online. Read more…

February 4th, 2012

AVAST reaches 150 million active users

If you are planning to visit Europe these days or actually live here… get ready for some very cold weather and temperatures much lower than normal.   -37 degrees Celsius is not a temperature to be enjoyed and we have it here in Czech Republic. Well not everywhere – just in the mountains – but even the -20 we are likely to have tomorrow in Prague is calling for some extra defensive measures:  Stay at home. Keep warm. Sip mulled wine. Read a good book. Watch the TV -  or -  get on the internet to chat, browse,  and socialize. Read more…

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February 3rd, 2012

Super Sunday means Super Scams

The Super Bowl, the much-hyped championship American pro football game, will be broadcast this Sunday night to an estimated 200 million people. Any major sporting event from the Australian Open to the World Cup brings out scammers hoping to cash in on the excitement. The most popular ways to separate you from your money are by peddling knock-off team jerseys, counterfeit memorabilia, and fake game tickets.

This past year, Homeland Security officials and officers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection conducted a national sweep of stores, flea markets and street vendors looking for counterfeit goods. Operation Fake Sweep collected $4.8 million worth of counterfeit jerseys, ball caps, and T-shirts. Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl, authorities said they seized nearly 42,000 phony Super Bowl sportswear items and merchandise worth $5 million. Fake jerseys can be bought for about $80 each. But according to, authentic jerseys cost between $150 and $300. Read more…

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