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January 27th, 2012

Here comes the Sun. There goes the Internet.

Last year, the Egyptian government shut down the Internet for 5 days during the anti-government protests. Last week, some websites on the Internet voluntarily blacked out to protest SOPA. What would happen if the whole Internet went black? Scientists thought it could happen this week.

The massive solar storm that bombarded Earth’s magnetic field Tuesday morning caused minor disruptions to spacecraft and power grids, and airline flights were rerouted to avoid downtime in radio communications. Scientists speculated that if the angle of the electromagnetic burst would have been different, we may have experienced a major power failure like one that happened in a 1989 solar storm. Six million people in Quebec lost electricity then, and the effects were felt through many parts of the continental U.S. because of the inter-connectivity of the power grids. This storm was much stronger.

What would it be like if we lost the Internet for an extended amount of time? For many businesses it would be catastrophic. But on a personal level, it would be freeing. Certainly, communication would be different. If I want my friends to know my status, I actually have to talk to them. Commerce would look differently too.  If I needed to buy something, I would have to visit the bank to withdraw money and then go to the store to make my purchase. Knowledge would still be at my fingertips, but I would have to look in a book to find it. And if I wanted to watch the humorous antics of a funny kitty, I would have to go over to my mom’s house to see Jasmine the cat push her catnip toy across the floor. It actually doesn’t sound like too bad of a day.

What would you miss the most if the Internet disappeared? How would your life change? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


  • lylesj

    Not much would change except for the fact that I would not be on the internet at all or as much.
    I still have graphics to make and would need to be on some form of a computer for a designated amount of time per week.

  • Matthiee

    Please avast do not support #SOPA #ACTA #PIPA

  • philipsinbox

    I would miss being able to go to bed. I come home from a hard day’s work looking after the terminally ill. I get the cigarette smokers who always say the same thing “oh God why me why me.” And the people who want to swear at me because they are dying. I come home from work when it is getting dark out and my dog who looks after my property comes running over to me to welcome me home. I then get on a pedal bike and take my dog out for a run. I sometimes nearly fall asleep on the bike.

    Eventually I can sit down with a nice cup of tea. I don’t understand television and I get slightly embarrassed by “actors and actresses” grown-up men playing games Cowboys and Indians so I switch on my computer. When I switch on my computer I can be extremely abusive and it makes me laugh which makes me happy again because I’m no longer being formal.

    I then go online and buy myself some clothing and maybe another laptop to go with all my other laptops I think I buy to make myself happy. Although I use Debian, my new laptops always come with Windows 7 so naturally I buy your product to go with them. A two-year license is very cheap well worth the money I spend more than that in a nighttime cafe.

    So I suppose the Internet is very important to me. I have just applied for another job and been accepted if I pass the government security checks and “other government organisations security checks.” I will get a life again!

    So as I have said previously I suppose the Internet is important to me. I don’t have any time after work for a social life or Street shopping. Oh I speak English Vietnamese and a little Japanese.

  • gordoat

    Have to write checks (blech) read alot more.

  • mrmetalgear2000

    If you guys dont get out of FaceBook you are clearly giving up your privacy and security information to the no.1 Sinister Institution on this Planet… the CIA. ABANDON FACEBOOK…. ITS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!!!

  • mrmetalgear2000

    why is the US the basis for the laws of the Internet??? Why don’t we create another internet and block those IP protectors from the Internet!! Russia and China can create independent Internet and exclude those US corporation from accessing them. From what is happening, we could clearly see “the powers that be” what FULL CONTROL of the world.!!! One world government? The New World Order?? The Illuminate?? My God… this is SERIOUS!!!