Should I join Binary Blood Day?

Avast Security Blogger, 12 January 2012

Should I join Binary Blood Day?

What is Binary Blood Day? This is a volunteer activity that was started less than a year ago. The idea behind it is simple -the IT guys can help make better world or just give their binary blood
and save a life!

I'm still not absolutely sure if I will manage to join this year. I'm not scared of needles so much (unlike some of my AVAST colleges) however, it would be my first blood donation. Usually my focus has been to keep my personal blood supply intact.

If you would like to join (or support) us, look at the "official site" - or you can start up the event in your own town. Currently there are six points in the Czech Republic and one in Switzerland. If you want to join, there are a few things that you should know of before you join. Just check the official pages in your country as the specific conditions may vary:

I'll most probably join this time. It's time to add some AVAST "participation" in this project. After all, we spend so much time looking at computer infections, it would be good to make a healthy contribution. Information about this was first tweeted half year ago - at!/binarybloodday


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