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5 January 2012

AVAST in legal dispute with Apple??? No, just bad grammar!

Several news alerts picked up an article about an “avast! Apptrackr” application that is under attack by the Apple legal team. Wow! What is going on?! So just in case you were wondering what is happening or in case you actually read the article yourself, please be assured that it has nothing to do with our AVAST company nor is there any “avast! Apptrackr” product.

This is just an example of poor grammar on the part of the author. His intent was to use the word “avast” in the old nautical meaning “stop” but he completely sailed past the Harbor of Grammar. I’m not going to link his website to drive any traffic there. Let me just say that we have contacted him and explained in a polite fashion that he is misleading his readers, but he has refused to clarify his writing.

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