Happy 15th Anniversary to Download.com

Avast Security Blogger, 25 October 2011

Happy 15th Anniversary to Download.com

Launched in 1996, Download.com is the leading (and safest) download portal for software of all types. The portal has been offering our avast! Free Antivirus for 10 of those 15 years, so we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS, and we look forward to the future. ;)

AVAST Brand Manager Miroslav Jirku says, "Download.com is definitely an important distribution channel for us, because it's well known in the USA. avast! Free Antivirus is Download.com's 2nd most-downloaded software for 2011, which is really a great success for the whole avast! team."

Indeed, in addition to being its 2nd most-downloaded software of 2011, avast! Free Antivirus is also Download.com's 5th most-downloaded software program of all time.

Other noteworthy tidbits:

  • Software categories first seen in 1996 are more than doubled in 2011.
  • The 89.5% Windows platform share in 1996 dropped to only 28% in 2011 – due to the dominance of new mobile apps.
  • Download.com's 2 dominating downloads in 2011 were developed by Czech companies AVAST Software and AVG. Also, both companies make up 2 of the portal's top 5 downloads of all time.


Read Senior Associate Editor Seth Rosenblatt's article (along with color charts) on the history of Download.com and how software – and its distribution – have changed over time: 15 years of Download.com, the original app store


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