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The last frontier - Infected…

Avast Security Blogger, 19 October 2011

The last frontier - Infected…

I’m not sure if I mentioned this already, but my wife went for a week-long holiday with friends last Friday therefore I’m quite busy babysitting this week, taking care of the kids and household, and, not surprisingly, running out of steam. That is my excuse for just having a very short post today. But back to the subject:

Do you know what is the ultimate irony in the life of a virus analyst?

This is when he needs some books about coding (actually, a book on subject “language of math”) and the special online shop that deals with this kind of literature is itself infected… The bug name is “VBS:Obfuscated-gen” and because the site is still infected, I won’t disclose its name. Who knows. You might get tempted to go look around the site for some math or coding literature.

... and Michal (the victim) thank you for the tip ;)