Back to the Future?

Julia Szymańska, 18 October 2011

Back to the Future?

I bet most of you have seen the ‘80s Back to the Future trilogy. Back then it had great special effects, hi-tech equipment, impressive cars and tricks, but there was also a great theme in which the main hero goes back to the past…

You might be wondering how does it relate to avast! antivirus? Well all of us have a bit of nostalgia for the past, a time when we didn’t use PCs and there were no viruses. :)

So, the other day I asked my colleagues in our marketing/PR department: do you remember your first PC or the first virus you caught?

I was surprised what kind of discussion it has opened and how excited everyone was about it. So here we go (in alphabetical order):

Jason - Copywriter

First pseudo-computer I owned was Atari 2600 (circa 1984-5).

First real computer I ever used (at school): Commodore 64 (circa 1986-7) with a cassette-tape drive.

First real computer I actually owned was an HP desktop I bought in 1997 (with Windows 95 and McAfee antivirus (avast! engine!!)). I had it until 2002, when I upgraded to a Gateway desktop with Windows XP, which I think came with Symantec/Norton(?)… which I did not renew, instead using free antivirus software (ZoneAlarm, AVG, avast!) from then on.

Milos - Marketing Director

I was a poor kid from a poor village. No computers. Just socialism. Left and right… everywhere you looked. Firsthand experience was the computer lab at school when I lived for a while in Modesto, California, in 1992/1993. PC, Macs and – listen carefully – Amiga.

I hated Mac because the only way to get the floppy disk out was through the software-eject button. So when it crashed – and it was crashing all the time – your disk was in there and impossible to get out.

The PC on the other hand was excellent. Crashed equally as often as the Mac, but there was a miracle hardware button, and when you pushed it the disk was out! Lovely.

And of course the Amiga… I learned how to animate and draw on it. It was THE computer for graphics!

Mirek - Brand Manager

My first … or rather let’s say my father’s but I could play with it.. was the Sinclair ZX spectrum - 1985.

And then the Nintendo console.. and then the real PC.

Vladimir – Traffic Manager

IQ of 151

The computer was multifunctional. This machine not only performed as a PC, but could also boil water for coffee or tea, or could serve as a heating element.

At home I used a Czeck clone of the ZX spectrum: Didaktik Gama – however, you couldn’t boil water for tea with it.

(Me) Julia – Community Manager :)

We had an Atari XE without any OS, so whenever we wanted to start it up, we had to insert a floppy and after a long struggle accompanied with strange sounds trrr, trrr,

trrrr, bip, bip, bip, it ended up with the message: "Disk error".

The best story came from Zuzka – Collateral Manager.

I caught my first virus during my, first year working for AVAST. I was very curious what was in an attached document in an interesting email from Peru. ;-). When I opened the document, my computer crashed.

I got big laughs from both Eda and Pavel (the founders of AVAST Software) and then Pavel brought an avast! BART CD (now called avast! Rescue Disc) and rescued my computer. :)


What about you? What was your first PC or first virus you caught? Tell us your story, and we look forward to reading your comments! :D

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