In Praise of Cupcakes

Deborah Salmi, 14 October 2011

In Praise of Cupcakes

From a box or from scratch, they’re easy to make
Just mix up the batter and put in to bake

A personal treat, no sharing required
In frosting, sprinkles or candies attired

Peel back the paper of each yummy delight
And devour it all in three or four bites

I praise thee, Oh Cupcake, you make my heart flutter
A heavenly mixture: Flour, sugar and butter

Whimsical cupcakes are a trendy product and hugely popular in the US these days. Maybe it’s because cupcakes are the perfect guilt-free dessert: Single-serving sized so there is no need to feel guilty about not sharing and just small enough so there is no need to feel guilty about eating the whole thing either. Every town has a cupcake shop or two, cupcakes are featured in movies (the main character in Bridesmaids was a cupcake artist), and there are at least three TV shows dedicated to making cupcakes, one amusingly called Cupcake Wars.

There are many websites about cupcakes as well, and that’s where the delightful cupcake’s image gets tainted. In the past few days, the AVAST Virus Lab research has identified at least five websites and blogs about cooking which are infected with Trojans, malicious script tags, encrypted redirectors, and other types of malware. As most cooks have unfortunately learned, it only takes a little bit of the wrong ingredients to really mess things up. And with avast! stopping malicious files from entering my computer, I can focus on my cooking and finding that extra-special new recipe.

This coming Tuesday, October 18th, is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. I'm going to bake loads of cupcakes for a party this weekend. You should too.

We'd like to support this by giving away a few licenses to our premium avast! Internet Security to the bakers of the best looking cupcakes.

Just send us an email - with the attached cupcake picture - to We will post your pictures on the avast! facebook page. Winners will be announced no later than October 21.

PS. I did write that poem myself.

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