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October 12th, 2011

Wanna have an older sister?

Do you feel lonely for an older sister? Now getting one is easier than ever before! All you need is a pen drive and to follow a few easy steps.

  1. get your own USB flash drive
  2. plug it wherever you can (preferably use public stations)
  3. repeat the previous point 2. as often as possible and wait until your older sister is “born”
  4. finally – plug your flash drive to your PC/laptop

What will happen next?

here's your desired older sister :-)

Well, she’s a little bit binary, but nobody has a perfect sister, hmm? On the other hand, there are also few benefits:

  • the binary shows an exclusively logical and deterministic behavior (what regular sister can say that?)
  • this older sister is a celebrity from a well-known family (but there might be some additional, minimal costs to cover her demands)

There’s no need to talk about this anymore, it’s simply a “must-have” sister!

Disclaimer: this wonderful product is currently available only for MS Windows systems. To avoid the feeling of discrimination, please ask the author/distributor to extend this support to other platforms. I’m sure that there are certain Mac/*nix users wanting to adopt such a sister from the  Palevo / Crum / Morphex family.

  • hacktohell

    lol , i got a collection of autorun viruses :P

  • chechu


    My friend gave me his USB stick a month ago….
    he had ove 371 infections on his drive that was detected by avast!

    Virut,autorun,lnk:runner,autoit,sality,trojan small…..all over the drive…thank god i had avast!…..

    avast! detected all of them and removed them…then i scanned the drive with mbam and came up clean…
    thanks a lot! avast! guys!
    3 cheers for avast!
    hip hip horray!
    hip hip hooray!
    hip hip horray! :D