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The real virus lab

Avast Security Blogger, 10 October 2011

The real virus lab

I would have never imagined that it could happen, but a couple of weeks back we received the “Export Company of 2010” award from DHL. That really surprised me because in my mind anything organized by DHL means they will tend to award it to someone who actually uses DHL to ship something in the first place. But we ship ones and zeros through servers and cables. Lots of ones and zeros, that is true, but certainly nothing that would need the attention of DHL or FedEx.

But that is not the subject of this post actually. The subject is that I got a call from a journalist who was covering the story with a request to get her some pictures that would go with the story. Such as the picture of our AVAST Virus Lab.

Luckily, about a month back we had a photographer walk around the office and take photos of anything that moved, so there are plenty of pictures to choose from. After couple of minutes of sifting in the folders, I also found this very sexy picture of our Virus Lab. It is taken a little bit from an angle, and it is a shot of the door with the description “virus lab” on it. And because the doors are made of glass and you can see through and also see the reflection… it really looks cool. I’m sure they will use it with the story.

But you know what? Even though it IS THE REAL virus lab door, in reality the lab looks quite different. First of all, our virus lab is quite a busy place and the door is never closed. But more importantly, it is the place that reviews 50,000 virus samples each day. Day after day. It is a working place and it looks that way. So this is how it looks … the table of Jiri Sejtko and Michal Krejdl, both hard at work. Not really tidy at all. But sure as hell effective.