Barcelona Special: Day 3 - Goodbye and see you all in Dallas

Avast Security Blogger, 7 October 2011

Barcelona Special: Day 3 - Goodbye and see you all in Dallas

The Barcelona VB Conference is nearing the end and the last presentations are being delivered. You can clearly see that the last 3 days have been very intensive as many faces show signs of sleep deprivation. Clearly it has been a success (and we can always sleep later). I’m glad AVAST was able to help sponsor the good mood (just yesterday evening, we had sponsored the distribution of 1,857 free beers to all participants) and I hope they will remember this particular conference more than previous ones. But, I just gave a good example of an oxymoron … with so much beer, it will be a small miracle if anyone remembers anything.

Anyway, let’s move on. I promised to share some basic statistics we collected via an anonymous survey of conference participants. First of all, it is good to see that even our colleagues from companies which offer only paid-for antivirus solutions are seeing the benefits of free antivirus. Over 70% of all respondents said that their response to “being offered a free antivirus” is “great, bring me more!”. That is an exceptional result. However, we still do have some room for improvement. A very similar question: “Being invited for a free beer” was answered as “Great, bring me more!” by an even higher 84% of participants.

It is also good to see that even among the employees of competing antivirus companies, we do have a nice user base. Over 50% of all respondents said they are using avast! Free Antivirus and 10% more said they are planning to. Of course, they knew we would be sponsoring the beer so the numbers could actually be a sign that instead of actually using avast! antivirus, the respondents were just being nice to us. Well, in any case, since the AVAST crew accounted for only 5% of all respondents, these results are great.

I now need to see a little bit of Barcelona and get some gifts for my wife and daughters. I wish a safe trip to all who will be traveling back home and everyone should enjoy their weekend. I’m looking forward to meet you all at the Dallas VB Conference next year.

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