Barcelona Special: Day 2 – Nice to meet you

Avast Security Blogger, 6 October 2011

Barcelona Special: Day 2 – Nice to meet you

The prime reason for participating at a VB Security Conference is, of course, seeing the presentations about what’s new in the security sector, what are the newest attack tactics from the bad guys, and naturally, what the security companies are doing to stop them. But, the next best thing about this Security Conference is to meet the people and socialize. Which is exactly what we did yesterday evening!

After the last presentations ended at 6 o’clock in the early evening, the conference participants circled around the hotel lobby bar and, judging from how crowded the bar was, it must have been about all of us. As you can imagine, meeting and talking to strangers can be rather difficult, especially when most of the participants are slightly introverted computer experts. But this early shyness vanished almost as quickly as the freely-served beer and so the conversation circled, boiled, moved, and lasted pretty much until midnight. A really good day!

By the way, I mentioned yesterday that AVAST is the proud sponsor of the Virus Bulletin Conference. While choosing ‘beer’ as the sponsored beverage may seem patently obvious, the fact is that there are other beverages which we could have sponsored. Water or tea for example… So to be sure that we were doing the right thing, we ran a short, anonymous survey among the conference participants. The question was very simple:

“When thirsty, what is your favorite beverage?”

Surprisingly, NOBODY selected a ‘tea’ as the beverage of choice. Even more surprisingly, one participant said the best thing for his thirst is ‘vodka’! Too bad the survey was anonymous. I’d really like to talk to that person. So what beverage was the winner? Beer! 70% of all respondents – a clear majority – preferred this to anything else. Cheers to that! (The tab score for yesterday night? 837 served beers. Cheers again!)

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