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October 4th, 2011

Building Permits? More leftovers on rooftops

Yesterday’s post about how difficult it is to get a building permit for even a neon sign sparked some interesting Facebook discussions. Clearly getting any sort of building permit is not an easy task in the Czech Republic. Our own experience at AVAST shows that getting a permit for a small sign can easily take 3 months. But, we should not be unthankful. At least at AVAST, we did GET the permit.

I mentioned AVG in my blog yesterday as the other well-known antivirus brand from the Czech Republic. In case you don’t remember, some time ago AVG was actually called Grisoft after its founder Mr. Jan Gritzbach – GRItzbach SOFTware. And the Grisoft company was located here: 49°12’9.262″N, 16°36’23.723″E  (view the satellite image).

Since then, the company has changed its name. They have even moved their offices. But the GRISOFT logo is still there, laying flat on the roof. I wonder if it was ever mounted and visible or if it is still waiting for the official building permit.  ;)

  • Tylicia

    Its 2:12 am here in Canada. Hi Grisoft :)

  • Mohammad Ali

    good avast

  • WPN

    Maybe it is there for satellite images or even interstellar marketing!

  • Roman

    I remembered yesterday immediately, that there the “sign” definitely still on. I just had no time to send to Milos. That’s around there forever. Unless the pickers of secondary raw materials know about it …

  • Tomáš

    I am sure Miloš very well knows it was mounted and visible ;-). Take care Miloš.