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October 3rd, 2011

Building? Not! Programming

In case you didn’t know, almost half (!) of all home computers in the world are protected by antivirus products coming from the Czech Republic. That’s because both AVAST antivirus and AVG have been and are still developed here. This does make me wonder why: Why here? The Czech Republic is a small country and even though its borders are surrounded by mountain ranges we are hardly a valley – at least to say – of silicon. As far as I can tell, there is no obvious reason for this. Speaking of technology, the only other thing we gave to world is the word “robot” (invented by Czech novel & play writer Karel Capek who used it in his play R.U.R. in 1921).

So why antivirus? I really don’t know but I do know why we are no longer famous for construction and buildings. It is all thanks to our system of building permits. But it wasn’t always like that.

For starters, we have the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, then the Villa Tugendhat from the 1930s which is also listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list, there is the whole Prague Castle as such, and also the Jested antenna and hotel tower. But, these are all past history and it seems that nothing significant, beautiful and breathtaking, is being built now. That’s because it is impossible. Just getting a building permit is – and you need a building permit for pretty much anything – complicated, bureaucratic and mindlessly long process.

At AVAST, we have firsthand experience. After moving into our new office building (12 floors high) situated among number of taller buildings (as high as 20 floors) we wanted to place an AVAST neon sign on the roof. Nothing big … just 2 meters tall. But around here, erecting a neon sign of this size qualifies pretty much as a full-fledged building construction. And therefore you must have a building permit. A full 3 months after filling in the paperwork, we got our sign approved. Hurray! During this 3-month period, it was peacefully laying on our rooftop, hidden out of sight from lowly mortals on the ground. Even here, building production is still faster than permit for it.

But, it wasn’t completely hidden. And if you look at the satellite picture at under these coordinates 50°2’42.618″N 14°26’57.553″E you will see it there. Still laying flat on the rooftop.

  • jOHN

    Well I dont know neither.But you make great virus killers.Top ten.No 1 in my oppinion.Good luck.It might be that you see the world in a different way to the rest of us.I mean youve been under oppresion from your neighbours for years.So freedom is at the forfront of your minds.And viruses are just another tool to oppress peoples freedom to use their computers to comunicate to others about what is going on in the world.Good luck for the future.

  • raymondo

    y avast u may ask well avast uses less cacha more that most other antiviruses.
    so thats most probably the reason y people choose matter in the world u live avast will be famous.have fun avast and good luck with ur sucess.

  • gowrisankar

    avast is the best ever antivirus i have ever used. its performance and visual are the best in world avast is my second one before i was having avira antivirus avast is stunning if their was rating for this i would rate it 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999stars

  • Jonas

    On Google maps, the avast building doesn’t exist (yet).

  • Marjorie Moreton

    The Best Anti Virus and rate it 10 excellent

  • chocholo

    Direct shortcut to the map.

  • Joe Biaggi

    Very good antivirus, has work very good for me and my dell computer, thank you.

  • Jason Mashak

    Correction, Boss, on Czech technological contributions being limited to antivirus and the word ‘robot’ (you’re too modest!). :)

    Don’t forget: contact lenses, Semtex, the lightning rod (yes, even though Ben Franklin gets all the credit), and many other strange things. ;)

  • chocholo
  • Jason Mashak

    chocholo :

    @Jason Mashak
    CZ75 :)

    And the first electric musical instrument in history:

  • Markéta Pudilová

    Miloši, tys měl být novinář.
    Tajná citelka

  • Milos Korenko

    @Markéta Pudilová
    Nevim, Nevim… novinari a herci maji bezne hlad a male platy. S tim vztahem k jidlu co mam (a k cokolade) bych si to proste nemohl dovolit ;)