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September 30th, 2011

Good bye Heidi

Have you ever been to a party where someone boasts about the antivirus he has just installed? I haven’t. And believe me even when we go to bar with the guys here from office, this isn’t what we talk about. At normal parties, people talk about the last holiday, argue over iPhone and Nokia, cars, ice hockey (in the Czech Republic) and sports in general (other places), politics (everywhere), hardware and gadgets, latest movies, mothers in law, kids and schools – but not about antivirus. I think this is because all of these subjects are, in one way or another, aspirational. Everybody understands and has opinion about politics and sports. On the other hand, most people with PCs don’t even know WHAT security brand they have installed and Mac users keep saying that they don’t need any.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about Macs today. I’m going to talk about Heidi. She is a good example of how aspiration rules discussion topics. For those who have not heard of Heidi – the crossed-eyed opossum – I would like to explain that she became very famous all of a sudden about a year or two ago and her fame even brought her to the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood this year. I’m far from saying that a crossed-eyed opossum is what people aspire for! To the contrary, despite her crossed eyes, she is cute. And she is small and furry and has a very nice name. Most of us had a pet dog or at least furry stuffed rabbit that we cuddled with when going to sleep. And so the thought of cuddling and protecting little handicapped Heidi comes quite naturally. Hence subject for discussion.

Proof? Here it is. Heidi has more Facebook fans than most antivirus companies combined. And, I don’t even need to mention the fact that no antivirus has ever been invited to the Oscar ceremony!

Unfortunately, according to the officials at the Leipzig zoo, Heidi died two days ago and, unsurprisingly, her Facebook fan club is growing again. So good bye Heidi, we all loved you.

PS: To close on more positive side. It is Friday, the day for going to bars with friends. Prove me wrong and kick-start the discussions on antivirus, rootkits, and spyware. And AVAST of course ;)

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  • T kaye

    Interesting., humorous and touching.. Just too toss this out since Macs were mentioned., is funny how Mac users think that they are above Windows from aspect of getting a virus or malware attack.! Have a friend that constantly boasts how he doesn’t need any antiv or malware protection on his iMac that uses for photography editing.. All I tell him is that his time will happen and will fully regret not having any type of security program installed..
    Friday is rolling in here in Ohio USA on a cold damp note.. Have a great time at the bar and enjoy your weekend.!

  • Hamza

    I started Using Avast 1 day ago i am a noob in field of computers but i love ‘em and love those who admire my passion i am a nobody but who ever posted the blog man i tell u what i got my wild bunch that talk about computers all the time i support avast as there opensource licensed software is protecting my computer .

    And here is the fb link of the guy who introduced me to avast:
    I support Avast and The guy who’s fb link is above.

    Hamza Najeeb.

  • spg SCOTT

    And believe me even when we go to bar with the guys here from office, this isn’t what we talk about

    Lies. :D

  • Milos Korenko

    @spg SCOTT
    Well, despite the fact that we are located in the beer-drinking-capital of the world we don’t go so often. And we should! But when we were out last time – and it is about a week now – it was all pretty much about politics, facebook, and white wine ;)

  • spg SCOTT

    ugh…Politics… :P

    Beer drinking capital, and you mention white wine? haha

  • @Grey_Falcon

    On the note of Mac, iPad, and smart phones…. it’s kind of funny to me when people say ‘unlike Windows’ they don’t need an antivirus program and are safe. That’s when I ask them if they use Java or Flash (Macromedia/Adobe) on their device. The obvious answer is yes. I then often point out that more and more viruses and spyware are being written in these universal languages that are identical from device to device, PC to Mac to iPad to Smart Phone. I then ask them being this is the case, how is it they feel their device is immune to these attacks?

    Sadly, they usually change the subject and to save an winnable argument against their damaged egos and emotions I let them. The point was made.Often at the close of the conversation, I’ll suggest they go to and take a look around. It’s free and may be worth the look see.

  • @Grey_Falcon

    Sorry, edit to the above post “Winnable” should be “unwinnable”. Darn Spell Checks! :P

  • Milos Korenko

    @spg SCOTT
    Beer vs. wine. Probably good subject for one of my future posts. That is after I figure out how to stick some security/antivirus/story into it. On the subject though… I’m personally from a wine making region and our family is still producing about 8000 liters of wines per year. So I’m not much of beer drinker and always order bottle of white wine… and that always starts the discussion ‘WHY’

  • Tech

    Yesterday I’ve talked about avast Foundation to a group of friends and one (eh eh… much more) cup of wine. Of course we’re talking about #1 antivirus in the world… People who does not “know” avast, well…, don’t you know the #1 antivirus in the world? Where are you living?

  • Bitacora Economica

    Totally true. I just have that kind of conversations when in the university or by msngr. In discos? wtf? xD

    R.I.P Heidi.

  • Jonas

    So tonight you may talk about the appropriate mascot to Avast… A animal for which people have empathy.

    => For example a cat like those that were carried on pirate and sailing ships to control shipboard rodents and as good-luck charms.

  • Jason Mashak

    Tech :

    … don’t you know the #1 antivirus in the world? Where are you living?


  • Rodney Clark

    I tried Avast for a several months, a trial, but I can’t handle it carefully on how to remove those viruses on my pc. Then I change to Avira, also good antivirus but after how many months I change again to AVG which great for removing spywares and malwares.