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Day off in the antivirus company

Avast Security Blogger, 28 September 2011

Day off in the antivirus company


It is a very quiet day in the office today because it is a DAY OFF. Yes, it’s a state holiday on Wednesday thanks to Saint Wenceslaus I. Wenceslaus –or ‘Vaclav’ (quite a common name for boys in Czech) was the Duke of Bohemia. On September 28th in the year 935, he was killed by his younger brother Boleslav (today, not such a common boy name) in a small city called Stara Boleslav about 30 kilometers north of Prague. Boleslav wanted to be the local duke and indeed he was for the next 6 years until his own death. Why Boleslav chose Stara Boleslav as the place to commit this murder is not so clear today. The legends focus on Wenceslaus and several of them would be a good topic for blog post, but most Czechs today remember him only thanks to the holiday on September 28th. In my view ‘a day off on Wednesday’ is one of the best inventions of mankind.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘day off’ for viruses which brings me to the subject of today’s post. Day off or not - somebody needs to collect the new viruses, prepare their definitions, and release the update so that you can also be safe online today. I don’t know how it works in other antivirus companies and how many virus analysts need to spend their holidays in the office. But, I do know that at AVAST, there is only one. The individual in the office today is Vladimir Cernik. You might wonder how he can manage this by himself? Well, he is of course very good but he also has very good help from you – our avast! Free Antivirus users participating in the CommunityIQ system for the early identification of new viruses.

So thank you for your help. Keep browsing the internet and if you do want to help Vladimir, please make sure you are participating in the CommunityIQ system! (Just open the avast! application, choose ‘Setting’, ‘Community’, and check the box ‘Participate’)

You can also read an interview with Vladimir Cernik in English (or, read the same interview in Czech).