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Joining the team. Our new and only Motion Graphics Designer

Avast Security Blogger, 22 September 2011

Joining the team. Our new and only Motion Graphics Designer

That’s right, we now have our very own video animator in the marketing team. We will be able to produce in-house videos and share them with you. I guess we will cover various subjects from showing and explaining how a particular program features work to addressing unique events in the life of our company or anything else worth of sharing.

Daniel joined our marketing team two weeks ago but he actually joined AVAST back in July 2009 as the Spanish market Sales and Reseller Support Specialist. During this time, he was primarily helping our Spanish customers but whenever possible, he was doing his hobby – drawing. For example, he drew the comics we published in our Reseller Newsletter. Drawing clearly is where his heart is. And since he could animate movies as well, we made a deal: leave the sales team and start a new career in marketing!

The first movie about avast! CommunityIQ has already been produced and we will introduce it – probably next week. Now he is working on a new film that will feature our new project. I can’t give you the details now, but let me share a short clip from the end of the movie.

Watch a sample: Here it is

Want to see more? Well, you just have to wait.