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September 21st, 2011

For an online revolution, you need to be online

I watched the BBC program “How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring” about the importance of social media in the changes happening in Egypt and other countries. (If you have couple minutes, search for it on YouTube). Clearly, being online and connected was the key for receiving information, sharing news, and organizing protests.

I looked at our user base statistics for two neighboring countries, Egypt and Libya, as it shows very different picture of how people in those two countries were actually able to get online in the first place. The attached chart shows our ACTIVE user base where ‘active’ means avast! Free Antivirus installations that received a virus-definitions update during the previous 30 days (rolling). This means that when the computer is turned off or not connected to internet, it does not receive an update from our servers and we are not counting it as active.

In both countries, our active user base grew by over 50% during January and February 2011. In Egypt, despite the increasing protests, the availability of online connections grew throughout the spring and it seems that more and more people were able get online and even install new computers. By summer, we had over 1 million active installations in Egypt.
However in Libya, the development took a completely different turn. In March the internet connection was cut and basically unavailable for the entire country until July. The active avast! user count plummeted, dropping basically all the way to zero before growing again in August when the NTC fighters took over Tripoli.

  • boudjemaa

    oui bien sur le net a ouvrire une grand porte pour nous est avast a pensez a nous parceque il nous a donnez ses l’ogiciel gratuit milli merci a avast

  • DNSguy

    Aren’t the stats affected by the fail of .ly core DNS Servers? Do you make stats based on reverse lookups (DNS) or by geoIP databases (AFRInic queries)?

  • Milos Korenko

    The stats are based on GEOIP.

  • carmen ferreira

    por favor me puede ayudar a instalar el antiviruut avast

  • boudjemaa

    oui la tecnologie a chanez le monde arabe par exemple le net facebook nous as donnez la possibilitè de parlez libre est le avast nous as donnez l’aide pour la sècuritè du pc meci bien

  • Tech

    Good information and reflect the reality of life (and pain).

  • Mike

    Amazing what a little freedom will do. Hopefully they use their new found freedom to help their people and not to enable those who wish to control and oppress, like too many in this region.