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September 19th, 2011

Piracy has health issues, but Talking Like a Pirate is risk free

Forget the glamor; piracy has a whole boatload of health risks. Pirates get hung out to dry, lead poisoning from being shot, or trash their computers from downloading a cleverly disguised batch of malware.

This is certainly not visible in the movies where the ‘bad guys’ such as Long John Silver or Captain Jack Sparrow seem to be the only ones having a good time.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day was designed to remedy the modern blues, creating a day (today, September 19) when people can talk or dress like a historical pirate in a safer, more modern environment. Just add an ‘Arrrggghhh’, ‘Ahoy’, and an erudite ‘Whar be me rum!?’ to the daily vocabulary.

At AVAST Software, we have an even easier solution. Add Pirate English to your avast! antivirus.








You have two simple options: Pirate audio or the Pirate GUI (with the audio).

  1. For a ‘Pirate English’ audio skin,  go to and follow the directions for adding a themed audio. This will give you the avast! announcements about virus database updates and malware warnings with a rather piratical Scottish accent.
  2. For the complete Pirate English language and audio skin, go to avast! settings, the language tab, select ‘Pirate Talk’ on the drop-down menu, and hit install. You will get the pirate-inspired GUI plus all of the audio skins. Watch the video here for step-by-step instructions.

Since its launch last year, Pirate English has been quiet hit for those in the know. With very little PR, there are now more people using Pirate English on their computers than some of the official AVAST language packs.It certainly is much easier than transforming the kitchen mop into a set of Captain Jack Sparrow dreadlocks.

  • Jonathan


    thanks avast :)

  • Beth

    LOL I totally installed it. 8D

  • HackToHell

    Love Johny Depp … HE’s a Pirate !

  • Mandy

    I had this a while ago on my main PC desktop until it died following a power failure, just installed it on my net book great to have it back Thanks Avast now whar be me rum?

  • john kelly

    Used AVAST for about ten years now, turned many on to it, just shook my head sadly at the poor souls still sticking with antivirus programs that were overpriced and ineffective. Some systems didn’t have to go to Davey Jones Locker, so sad…

  • Joe Adinolf

    It’s cute but I’m sticking with the current version with the exception that I substitute the “update” sound using the chap with the North American accent.

  • BryanRm95

    Gracias por la info, saludos :)

  • shihab

    Jonathan :WINNING
    thanks avast

  • boudjemaa

    chaque joure je dècouvre la puissanse forte de avaste aujourd’hui j’ai dècouvre une option nouvelle a ajoutè a l’ogiciel c’est pirate anglaise

  • علی

    کسی در اوست هست که فارسی بلد باشه

  • Notty

    Somehow i got myself using some kind of pirated avast.too bad..i just bumped into some ‘avastlic’ file on a computer n decided to copy it quickly on my flash.oops am NOT a pirate!anyway…i just got one question to the avast there any way i cold possibly install the ‘free’ version without having to download all those previous virus definitions i already have?id wish to get the free one but retain the virus definitions i already have in the current ‘pirated’avast since it takes so much time updating from help