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August 5th, 2011

A bit of a free ride

A couple of clearly highly motivated biking enthusiasts in our office (‘enthusiasts’ is probably an understatement …)  have somehow persuaded Martin Novak,  our in-house graphic design master,  to spend some of his working time designing their own custom cycling shirts.  Since the design looks really cool, a couple of other not so highly motivated biking enthusiasts, including me, have asked to be added to the print production.   Of course my motives are purely professional – after all it is really nice branding!

Btw, the new t-shirt also resurrected our original intention of making AVAST t-shirts and other items available to our fans.  We are now reviewing the services of Cafepress, Printfection, Zazzle and other companies that specialize in the production and delivery of branded collateral.  If you have any firsthand experience with those companies or other recommendation please let us know.

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  • Mik

    I like it! Where can I take it?

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    document.location=”avast is number #1!!!”

  • Tech

    Good! I remember when we have a lot of “collateral” items of avast (T-shirts, wrist watches, etc.).

  • antonio luis de oliveira

    muito bonitas eu gostei das camisa,,e sim gostei do antivirus e nota 10
    parabens,, estou comesando a usar e tou gostando avast! free antivirus

  • Rana Shafique

    it is very good scaning. please mail me new awast for long time. Thanks.

  • shre54321

    this song is for u avast! and people who made it and work for ti:

  • raymond chan

    this product did not working and slow down my computer. i could not fix it and i could not uninstall ether.

  • Tanmoy

    i use it from 2005, great product.but you does not post article for long time. post article regular basic . thanks

  • Ashan Mallawaarachchi

    i use it from internet security, great product.but you does not post article for long time. post article regular basic .I like it! Where can I take it?
    Thank u!
    Sri Lanka

  • Stefan

    We can help you with the production of the shirts if wanted. Feel free to contact me for more information and pricing.
    Information on our website is not yet available at the moment, but we have been servicing international clients for years, so it isn’t a problem.

    Cheers – Stefan

  • likhon

    i like avast

  • James M Singleton

    i like avast but for some reason keep switching back to Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows.

  • sameera

    i like avast

  • Carlos

    I need *-* Where can I take it?

  • Pravin Rane

    I Like this Technological T-Shirt…
    I Want It.

  • Pravin Rane

    I Like this Technological T-Shirt…
    I Want It.
    Can u give me, Please.

  • Jim Hearnden

    I like these and want one.


  • Dor Rotondo

    That is a really cool t-shirt!!..It is a must have in my collection!! I will wear it with pride to my gym and out!! USA should know more about AVAST , and get the Norton products out of USA for good!!

  • Malinda

    looking good.

  • alvin

    that’s realy good, if that’s sell, i need one….

  • Miguel – Anuncios de TV

    I want one of them too! I love cycling, so I hope you deliver to Spain! ;)

  • Tomáš

    Také chcem!! :)

  • David

    I want it!!

  • Milos Korenko

    I’m glad you all like it ;o) I can’t send it out for free (sorry) the production cost is about 35Euro per one now and we are only producing few.
    BUT. As soon as possible we will make it available for you to buy at CafePress.
    (no profit for AVAST. Just the production cost and shipping).

  • Janet Rousseau

    I WANT ONE!!!

  • TonyPuma

    Ottimo, Numero 1 degli antivirus :)

  • dennis dumlao

    i like it to one too. cheers!

  • Milos Korenko

    Are you participating in any official amateur (or even professional? ;o) freeride or cycling race? Perhaps we could donate a nice t-shirt to those who register for such races. What do you think? :)

  • glen

    love avast, being using it for years ….. its a bullet proof product !

  • Ganesh Gaitonde

    Can you send a couple of them to me in India?

  • HackToHell

    Cool one … Want one … .!! recpatcha pissing me off :(

  • Akinyele akintomiwa michael

    i think i can help you out in nigeria, we have a lot here if you are interested let me know.

  • Richard Sims

    I like Avast! Would like a T-Shirt to go with it!

  • Сергей

    Все мои друзья по моей рекомендации пользуются Avast программами. Спасибо огромное!

  • Egill Kristjansson

    This is great I love Avast ! :)

  • Robin beaumont

    i do mountain biking at the weekend this would go grate with my bike to the events i go to :)

  • Mags

    I like it! Where can I take it?

  • Макс

    футболки классные. прям как аваст)))

  • liuhaliua

    很喜欢avast 正真免费的杀毒软件!

  • Tomislav

    I’ve seen the running shirt post first, then I’ve realized that there is a bike shirt post. So again, this is really great thing and if you really produce those shirts, I’d be glad to wear it, they look awesome!

  • avast antivirus

    nice cycling jerseys – where I can buy one?

  • numpayak

    Fantastic,I love avast.

  • afrinfo

    I love it too.