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May 3rd, 2011

9 years of the good life

During the Nebraskan winter of 2002, Tom Broekemeier went looking for protection.

An search for “free antivirus protection,” to be exact. And his internet search brought up a brand-new product called avast – released just 11 days earlier.

Now, over nine years after first installing avast! on his home computer, he is still with avast!. “It is free, easy to use, and WORKS,” explained Tom.

That little detail put avast! a step above the other antivirus Tom had at home. “I ran Norton on one system and avast! on my other system. It worked just as good or better than Norton,” he added.

The early version of avast! was known far more for its malware detection than the visual appearance. The transition to avast! 5.0 and the newer 6.0 changed the look and – more importantly –  the way users interact with avast!. “I like the new main screen,” said Tom. “It lets you know what is happening right there. If you need an upgrade it is right there.”

Computer use – protected by avast! – is an integral part of Tom’s life. “You name it: work, play, and paying bills,” he quipped. And his thoughts about the welcoming voice from avast!? “I love it.”

  • Rednose

    Is this gentleman a member of our forum ? If he is, can you share with the Evangelists his username ? And if he is no member please ask him to sign up :)

    Greetz, Red.

  • Jason Mashak
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  • Cahya

    I don’t remember when exactly I start using avast! – perhaps around 2004-2005 back then, I use McAfee at that time before switching to avast! home edition (the name for free antivirus on those years).

    Then I was switching to avast! pro antivirus around October 2009, and I am still using it until today. Well, I found no reason to switch to another branded product yet, avast! still my favorite.

  • dhym

    yap i agreed avast doing great job.thanks you all are working to protect our computers.

  • Tech

    Good point from Rednose.
    Bring him to forums :)

  • Aman Mourya

    I am using avast free anti virus last 7 years & and i believe that avast is excellent anti virus in the world

  • Suman Kumar Dutta

    I started using Avast from it’s 4.8 version. It was given by one of my friend. At that time i am using Kaspersky Internet Security. I don’t know anything about free antivirus if that exits or not due to lack of knowledge about them. I know some what about trial-wares. After the end of my Kaspersky subscription i really need an antivirus that will be free since i don’t want to spend money again. Thus avast came to the rescue. Due to Avast i came to know about the other free security softwares like Avira, AVG etc. But really Avast is the best since my system is very sluggish and Avast is the only one which has very little system requirements. But so many years, competing with the other strong competitors and standing with lots of improvement in user interface and detection rate. Really at the end of the day it is becoming a awesome one. Thank you Avast for protecting me.

  • mario moreira


  • Bandar avast

    I love Avast! Really the best anti in the world
    احب أفاست ثيراً وهو حقاً افضل مكافح في العااااااالم

  • LoveAvast

    Thank you for Avast, the best antivirus in the world. I even named my cat after you, haha. Yesterday I got this amazing Trojan on my old computer (5 years old) and I thought that all my files and paid softweres was gone, but thanks to Avast I was able to save everything and it removed the angry Trojan after a bootscan. Thank you so much! Thank you! My whole family has Avast and my other computers, and by boyfriends computer and so on. I love it, has always loved it. Its the best antivirus you can ever have, and yesterday you prooved it! Ps. Sorry for my bad english, Im from Sweden. Keep up the good work and please, do never stop!

  • same day courier

    Just installed AVAST 5 on my windows 7, it was really painless to install it unlikely to other anti-viruses. Easier to use this anti-virus which actually works. Grateful to AVAST.