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9 years of the good life

Avast Security Blogger, 3 May 2011

9 years of the good life

During the Nebraskan winter of 2002, Tom Broekemeier went looking for protection.

An search for “free antivirus protection," to be exact. And his internet search brought up a brand-new product called avast – released just 11 days earlier.

Now, over nine years after first installing avast! on his home computer, he is still with avast!. “It is free, easy to use, and WORKS,” explained Tom.

That little detail put avast! a step above the other antivirus Tom had at home. “I ran Norton on one system and avast! on my other system. It worked just as good or better than Norton,” he added.

The early version of avast! was known far more for its malware detection than the visual appearance. The transition to avast! 5.0 and the newer 6.0 changed the look and – more importantly – the way users interact with avast!. “I like the new main screen,” said Tom. “It lets you know what is happening right there. If you need an upgrade it is right there.”

Computer use – protected by avast! – is an integral part of Tom’s life. “You name it: work, play, and paying bills,” he quipped. And his thoughts about the welcoming voice from avast!? “I love it.”