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February 18th, 2011

5 Questions with ___________

In a few days I’ll introduce a new avast! Blog feature, in which I’ll interview various people involved with AVAST Software – team members, volunteer translators, business partners, avast! Forum “evangelists,” etc. –with 5 questions.

This will give you a better look inside AVAST, at the people who make things happen on our end.

The frequency of interview postings will be partly “as inspired” and partly “up to you”… that is, the more you like them, the more they’ll keep coming.


Read interviews here:

5 Questions with Jitka Špačková (Reseller Admin Manager)

5 Questions with “Tech” (avast! Forum “Evangelist”)

5 Questions with Julia Szymanska (Community Manager)

5 Questions with Martin Cohen (Tech Support Specialist)

5 Questions with Lukáš Hasík (QA Director)

5 Questions with Lukáš Rypáček (Senior Software Developer)

5 Questions with Michal Krejdl (Senior Virus Analyst)

5 Questions with Christian Cantoro (Channel Sales Manager)

5 Questions with Bob Gostischa (avast! Forum “Evangelist”)

5 Questions with Vladimír Černík (Lead Virus Analyst)

History & questions with Charles O. Prince (avast! Forum “Evangelist”)


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  • Fernando Gregoire

    Interesting idea.

  • GloobyGoob

    Sweet. This will make a great blog.

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  • Light Archangel

    Sound interesting…

    I’m one of the volunteer translators of avast in spanish language :)

  • Jason Mashak

    @Light Archangel
    Send me an email (mashak[at]avast[dot]com), and I’ll put you on the list of potential interviewees — it will have to be in English, though, as my Spanish from high school 20 years ago is way too rusty ;)

  • Tech

    Good. Interesting… Will it go further?
    Maybe some interaction with the forum will be good, i.e., announcing there the movements of the blog.