Something about Jason, the writer

Avast Security Blogger, 7 January 2011

Something about Jason, the writer

This didn't come through the official media monitoring butit's definitely something to share ;-)

The whole avast! team is not that big and has today - I guess - about 140 heads. (Note: we try to keep 1 million registered users per each employee as a good efficiency metric) The other good things is... the team is a mixture of many nationalities (we don't have Human Resource Department so I can't ask anybody how many we really have but it got to be close to 20) and also number of different and colorful personal backgrounds. Anything from doctors, movie special effects managers to mayonnaise marketeers (yes, once upon a time which seems like a different life now, I was marketing mayonnaise)

But we didn’t have a poet. That is until recently when Jason Mashak joined the team being responsible for writing of all English texts for our website. His job spec is pretty much: “crafting IT-terms into words and texts that normal people would understand”. And he does a great job at it… but it seems we will need to look at the amount of spare time he has because somewhere between explanation of rootkit and boot-time-scan he published a book of poetry!

Have a look:

and nice weekend!

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