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September 21st, 2010

Behind the scenes (science & alchemy)

Greetings from Central Europe. I’ll not bother to say much about myself (Google is there for any who have a deeper interest), but I’ll tell you that, in summer of 2010, I joined AVAST Software as Web Copywriter – a position that, like many others here, was much needed, as the company has grown, along with its user base, at an almost unbelievable (exponential – about 1 employee per 1 million users) rate in recent years.

The Wizards' Tower

I learned a few things very quickly at AVAST:

  1. Being a web-based company, every action requires simultaneous macro & micro perspectives as to how it will affect (or be affected by) a global community. Localization adds, of course, many more layers of potential difficulties, and our multinational team is priceless as to the insights that its individuals provide.
  2. What applies in terms of marketing & PR (my department) often calls for an extremely different approach than what applies to, for example, e-Commerce, programming, database architecture, QA, sales, support, etc., which are every bit as integral (if not more so) to the quality of the products we offer.
  3. Combined, the two elements above requires (and in our fortunate case are performed by) the top industry talent available. I am amazed to discover, within my first few months at AVAST, that nearly every person I’ve worked on any type of project with has been well above average in terms of work ethic, capabilities, and creativity – characteristics that were not always exactly plentiful at Fortune 100 companies I’ve been involved with in the past.

In a 1,000-year-old city – that, annually, more than 6 million tourists visit to experience the mystical pulse of human history – I suppose avast! was bound to happen. Its founders, two floors above me in the wizards’ tower, continue to surge energy through the walls and floors, to all levels (one can see/hear/feel it at the coffee machines). In modern times, when little Merlins and Gandalfs and even Harry Potters grow up… they make things like avast!

  • yanto chiang

    Hi Jason,

    Welcome to the AVAST Software, we hope with your exists at there can give a lot of contribution in term of information and communication to others users and partners.

    yanto chiang

  • anonymous

    He’s been at Alwil since this summer so it’s not “Welcome” to Avast. It’s more like Hi.

    Yanto Chiang, are you part of Avast too? Since you said welcome.

  • Cahya

    Its nice to hear avast has a good internal work atmosphere there :). And yes, I think avast is a form of miracle to in this modern world of tech.

  • yanto chiang

    anonymous :
    He’s been at Alwil since this summer so it’s not “Welcome” to Avast. It’s more like Hi.
    Yanto Chiang, are you part of Avast too? Since you said welcome.

    Hi anonymous,

    Yes, but at least Jason just join in this year and i guess summer is around April-Aug so is still new around AVAST Software. :)

    Nope, i am just Avast fancy…

  • mkis

    Hi Jason

    Always wonderful that avast makes the effort to introduce the human face behind their market brand. So refreshing to see real people making good for real people.

  • Petr Bucek

    Hello Jason, welcome on board. I have checked google :) and I am glad to see you in AVAST. Various insights are always needed – multicultural team is our palantír and our “Wizards tower” is spreading AVAST improvements and thoughts all over the world.

  • Jason Mashak

    Thank you all for your comments. @Yanto, thanks for the welcome! @Cahya, yes, I feel the same way… I’ve seen very few companies like this, which is why I felt inspired to start writing about some of the things I see here – before I get “too close” to it all and stop seeing them. @Mkis, I’m glad to hear that, because we’ve got some amazing humans here that I hope to introduce you to in coming months. @Petr, I admit I had to Google “palantir” (it’s been 20+ years since I read those books!) and you are 100% correct – what’s that quote/saying… something like “your perception of reality is limited by the number of languages you speak.”

  • ilker

    Hi Jason,

    I wish you good lucks and success in your career. The Avast Team is doing great job and i feel myself attached to this company. This is the reall success for a company than seeing profit graphs.

    I want to ask a question. Why there is no logo and name of Avast in the building? I was in Bratislava and i saw ESET’s HQ from the distance even. I would like to see something like that.

  • Aethec

    Well, the guys at Avast Software seem to have a good sense of humor – I laughed really hard at the HTML:Agent-X[Joke] detection given to Rick Rolls.

  • Jason Mashak

    Thank you for your good wishes – if you are ever in Prague, let me know ahead of time and I’ll arrange a tour. Oh, and we DO have avast! on the building – you can see it a bit from the photo on at and there’s now another one on the other side of “the wizard’s tower” (facing the highway).

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  • ilker

    @Jason Mashak

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I saw the logo on the building and it looks great. :) Also i found the building from Google Street View. It looks charming! I was in Prague this july and i wish i could hear your nice request of tour before, i would like to see the building and dear team members. It would be honour for myself as being a user of avast! since 2006.

    Thank you very much again for everything !

    Greetings from Turkey