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September 17th, 2010

avast! has over 3,000 pirates safely aboard

It was inevitable. With over 130 million registered users, we were going to get some pirate names in our database.

We just were surprised to discover that these pirates are such a large – and creative – crew. Currently, we have some 3,000 self-styled pirate captains in our database including Jack Sparrow, John Silver, and Captain Hook. And that’s before we started “Pirate Talk” and  our micro-page.

From a literary perspective, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films are a much bigger attraction than Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. We have 201 Jack Sparrows compared to only 88 John Silvers. I won’t comment on Long.  With 421 users registered under the “blood“ name, we can say that blood and gore is a continuing attraction.

By far the most popular pirate name is Hook with over 1,000 registrations. But except for those eight people that named themselves Captain Hook, we think that these might be real Hooks.

The most creative of this motley crew gave themselves a pirate name AND registered their location as the Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands, Vanuatu, Gibraltar and Tonga. I am impressed.

Which makes me wonder, apart from Talk Like a Pirate Day (; are there any real captains out there with avast! protecting their ship? If there is, drop by our office in Prague and/or send us some evidence. We will have some sort of treasure for you. ( :

  • The_Blinded

    If I click on “Update program”, version remains 5.0.677 and it doesn’t update to version 5.0.680. Why?
    In fact in additional languages I don’t have “Pirate Talk”.

  • http://nil lookmann

    i click on a message,supposedly from avast and the ‘language pack not installed’ info., notified. next time avast does not load, on boot-up. what should i do? re-install avast?, losing all the updates, spending valuable bandwidth? this is sulking. avast should not play with us.

  • Cahya

    I would like to say it as a part of user creativity. You maybe right, who knows there would be a real pirates aboard. Even pirates trust avast! :D.

  • Paulo

    Where’s Spongebob and the Flying Dutchman? Arr! Shiver me timbers!

    avast lead the way!

  • Billy

    and where is Luffy from One piece??

  • Keith Davis

    All this talk about pirates?
    The penny has only just dropped…. Avast.
    Guess I’ve never seen Avast written down before.

    Who would have thought that you could add a little humour to antivirus software!
    Keep up the good work and the good blogging.

  • antivirus

    Some people adore common things they see and put it as their nickname on something. As for me i like Trojan name. So i use to have nickname Trojan_Matador sound very fancy and cool

  • Coolmario88cp

    Hi will Pirate Talk always be a language for avast?


    my computer have got a virus, the name is Fuvob.scr.
    I hope you can help me because this virus attact my server folder program

  • Capt. Doug Mematey

    No chance of getting to Prague in the near future. You have a great product which downloads updates seamlessly. Unlike other oft named products like notren, Maciffy
    or the like. Keep up the good work thanks for the freeware as things have become financially tight here of late. When we get back on our feet I will upgrade to a paid product.

    Happy Talk like a pirate day, matey, and may all your sea’s be calm and headings true

  • Antivirus

    C’est la mode des capitaines apparemment ^^ Mais ou est donc le capitaine Flam, capitaine Merrill Stubing ou le capitaine Hadock ??

  • Ruth Vasquez

    Excelent product. I really trust it

  • vojta – avast team

    version 680 is not available in all countries

  • Edidiong

    hi. my country is really in need of the avast anti virus. can you make me one of yours sales managers in Nigeria. from obudu calling is Edidiong

  • bersama bsd

    my computer have got a virus, the name is Fuvob.scr

  • bersama bsd

    my computer have got a virus, the name is Fuvob.scr. This virus attack my folder program server. can you help……!!!!! me how to clean this virus

  • Aethec

    About languages…could you do something about the French translation of the help ?
    Currently it’s full of stupid mistakes a native French speaker would never do, even though it seems to be a bit better now.
    There are also a couple of mistakes in the avast! UI itself, but since I reported those five or six times I think they’ll never be fixed anyway.

  • Lyle Frink

    Can you please tell me where the mistakes are and I will have someone look at it. Thanks.

  • Bingo

    I can’t trust avast. I trust Norton because i had a trojan horse in my pc and avast didn’t detect it, i updated avast regularly i uninstalled avast and came to install Norton.immediately without updating, Norton detected a trojan horse in my pc that avast didn’t detect.That’s why i can’t trust avast.

  • nanda

    my computer have got a virus, the name is Fuvob.scr.
    can you help me, please

  • andrew

    My computer is a little slow, I do not know what a virus that attacked my computer
    Can you help me

  • Ashwin

    Maybe ur update subscription has expired…….i was gettin same problem