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September 16th, 2010

Defining popularity among antivirus programs

Over 130 million reasons why avast! is the most popular

About every antivirus program is calling itself “the most popular” these days. It reminds me of beauty contests in high school – and the dark, unanswered questions about who was doing the counting in the back room.

It is time to talk about how we count at AVAST Software and three distinct, quantifiable categories where avast! is the world’s most popular antivirus:
1. Size of our registered user base. Francisco F. is our 130 millionth currently registered user. This means that after downloading avast!, he asked us to email him a license key and then entered it into the program just milliseconds ahead of a certain Chris, Imrun, Jimmy, Dragana, and Elias to complete his registration.
2. Growth in the number of users during 2010. So far in 2010, we’ve added 34.9 million new users. Our total user base has grown by a third in just ten months.
3. Incredible, near-viral recommendation levels. Over 60% of our new users have come because a friend recommended that they try us. We track this referral statistic because keeping users happy is absolutely critical for our long-term success. I think other AV companies also do – but they just don’t talk about it.

Now you know why we can call ourselves the world’s most popular antivirus program. I don’t know about the other companies.
And when it came to those beauty contests at my high school, they never counted the votes. They just weighed them because all of the ballot papers were the same size.

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  • Ringman

    Well Congratulation to avast.

    This article MUST be publish for the Most “Korean” security vendors that still think it’s very “GLOBAL” but in reality it’s fake and provide local with poor and unsatisfied international support.

  • 12-es_csaj

    Well, it’s OK, but how many people use avast! now?

  • The_Blinded

    Nel numero delle registrazioni sono contate anche quelle scadute? Inoltre, un utente registrato può aver smesso di usare Avast, questo viene conteggiato?

    In the number of registrations are counted also those which are expired? Moreover, a registered customer can have stopped to use Avast, it is counted?

  • Lyle Frink

    The 130 million is the number of users who registered. It is important to remember that some people register to use avast! but don’t. On the other hand, we do know that last month – August – we had 110 million live users, meaning individuals that checked in for a virus database update. This isn’t an exact number as we have clients with large networks (up to several thousand individual PCs) and they request a virus database update from one central location. We see them as a single live user. Another issue is that not everyone uses their computers every day. That 110 million figure is from those coming in for an update in the last 30 days. We have calculated that only around 60% of all users are on their computers daily, 80% at least once a week, and then to 100% once a month. But then there is something called summer vacation. In France, we have over 13 million users. But, since many of them have spent the last 6 weeks on cote d’Azure – and that is not unlikely – we would not see them as “live users” until they get back from holiday and turn on their computers.

  • 12-es_csaj

    So, what is the number of the users now?

  • The_Blinded

    @Lyle Frink

    Understood perfectly! Thanks!

  • Armin

    I don’t want the most popular AV as it may be be cause its free;
    But I like to know which AV is the best in protecting my PC.
    I’ve seen those test results in AV-Comparatives that shows Avast is improving in each test but 2 points is questioned:
    1.How do you guarantee you will keep on improving and stay in best rankings in every test?

    2.Why still people around me prefer to use some other AVs like ESET and Kaspersky while yours(avast) is showing itself a perfect one on tests?

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