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Are you a nerd?

Michal Krejdl, 7 July 2010

Are you a nerd?

I'm really impressed how perfectly our user community works! A new web-based attack was discovered today and our users made a detailed analysis promptly and helped to clarify what's going on there. What I'm talking about? And where's the relation to the question in title? It is pretty simple :-).

If you wanna become a nerd or check your current nerd-level or whatever related, you might want to visit - but beware! Our user reported it as an infected page and here's what he got

a warning related to a JavaScript infection on the site. And even when there's a low detection rate, the malicious code snippet (containing an iframe pointing to another URL intended to serve malware) is present there - it's a hijacked google analytics script as one of our users precisely analysed. Further explanation is in the original forum topic - for those, who are interested. Well, it's a pleasure to make good detections for such great community. Thank you, guys ;-).