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May 3rd, 2010

An interview about avast! 5 and its future

Softpedia recently asked me a few questions about avast and its future, which resulted in this article:

In case you have some additional questions about our technologies, or our strategy moving forward, I’ll try to answer these in the Comments section below.

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  • Eddie Pelkey

    I was just thinking about how Avast has changed my initial opinion about all anti virus programs. I can only say that you guys rock. I also wanted to see what some of you thought about adding a feature to the site that allows a user to do a full scan on their system. It will be a little like Trend Micro’s OLD site since they no longer do that. But it would also show people that their old played out anti virus system is not holding up its promise to keep the users very expensive machine Virus Free the way it is supposed to be. Just a thought I had. EP

  • spg SCOTT

    No ;)


  • kartO_on

    Hi, first of all, thank you so much, you do such a nice job!
    My question is if you are planing to do a Catalan lenguage pack.
    Thank you once again! ;)

  • Debanjan Das

    Ringman :
    Unfortunate internet system in my country blocked Softpedia by unknown reason.

    should i use a firewall other than windows firewall with avast home edition. And would installing a firewall with avast home edition damage my system files or cause my system to freeze?????//
    PLz help?????


    پورتال عمران و نقشه برداری


    پورتال عمرن و نقشه برداری مهندسی

  • Adriana


  • Mario

    Hey Avast! Yesterday i downloaded a toolbar made by and i also went to other antivirus websites with a website check said that it downloads Malware Please Check the Site and if it does download malware than Have Avast Free edition detect it please. im scared cause i hope there isnt no virus on my labtop.

  • Steve

    Hey Avast, why don’t you offer a home site license for a very reasonable price as some other AV vendors do. I think there is a lot of people like myself that have quite a few PCs at home – test cubes and such. I/we use the free Avast on most of them, but would pay a reasonable amount for a home site license if you offered one. Paying for multiple single licenses becomes too expensive quickly, so the free product is the only other choice.
    I feel you would profit from this scenario, as many free users would become paying customers. Please consider…
    Thanks for offering such a great product.

    PS – what about developing a commercial product for 200+ ? The Avast AV client is *SO* much better than most of the AV competitors in that space, I think you’d do well.

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  • RALF

    Sorry, I posted here. Becourse, no one answer me on “”… I needs help… Thx..

    Dear Sir:
    Thanks to provide free Avast! for us.
    I used 4.8 Avast! can not be updated….
    Reason is registration code to be overdue….
    Could you tell me how could I get new registration code to be continued….
    Maybe you ask me why I didn’t change new version….
    5.0 home version is not more powerful than 4.8 home
    4.8 home had memory check, 5.0 home hadn’t….
    Finally, I want to ask why your website No Traditional-Chinese language….
    I remember you had before….
    I know many user use Avast! in Taiwan…..
    Anyway… thanks again….

  • Fernando Coronado

    In my computer began to open windows. These windows were saying phrases like …. Access violation at address in module “pocoyo.exe.” Network of address …….
    Make a complete scan with Avast free, but found nothing.
    So we did a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and found that pocoyo.exe is a banker trojan and quarantined. Why Avast found nothing in a full scan? Why the coat of behavior could not anticipate this trojan?.
    It infected the computer here:

    Registry Values Infected:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run \ pocoyo (Trojan.Banker)

    Infected files:
    C: \ WINDOWS \ pocoyo.exe (Trojan.Banker)

    If you do not know this malware I leave a link for information:

    I hope you have understood the message, please excuse my English.

  • ronald kleinbach

    I installed avast 5 and it doesnt work, i would like to get avast 4.8 back, but avast 5 will not uninstall. please help! thank-you

  • Waleed

    @ronald kleinbach download this tool and run it from the safe mode
    afer restart try to install avast 5 again may be it work fine

  • john tuzcu

    Help!!! I paid for avast upgrade some time ago. I have yet to receive any keys to complete the upgrade. Despite several emails no one has the courtesy to reply to me. This matter is really annoying me

  • ASR.