avast! 5 small business console, part 1

Ondrej Vlcek, 11 February 2010

avast! 5 small business console, part 1

Although you haven't heard much about it so far, we are working on an all-new version of network management tool for small businesses - (for now) named the "Small Business Console" (SBC). This post will give you some insight on what you can expect (more posts on the subject will follow soon).

So what's new?


We've decided for a complete rewrite using new technologies that will give users more flexibility in the way they use the SBC. This will include remote management, a feature that was lacking from the predecessor, new graphics design, more automated features, ... All of this should give the users a flexible tool just like ADNM is, but also a tool that is much easier to use. Our most wished goal is of course an "install and forget" solution, and if we don't succeed with that, we hope to get very close at least. Read on to read a few details...

One of the new features we have been working on lately is the auto-discovery of computers in your small business domain. The Small Business Console components will actively search your network for new or unknown computers. Once these computers are found, you will be presented with the option of adding them into the group of computers that should be protected by the net clients (or can have the system do these actions automatically for you).

The management software will take on a brand new form. We have decided to kiss good bye the traditional "fat" client application. The new SBC will be hosted as a web-based application, utilizing a brand new Silverlight front end. This will allow you to take actions -if necessary- from any computer on the network or even from outside your network if you wish to configure the web server so!

It'll be quick... Yes, since we listen to you all, we are working on a completely new communication mechanism between the server and client computers. Compared to the ADNM v4.8 release, this will deliver commands to workstations immediately, instead of waiting for the client to actively query for new commands.

So much more to say here, but don't want to get you bored... ;-)


I bet by now all of you are excited to read the release date... Well, I've got a bad news for you at the moment, we are not disclosing the release date yet, but it will probably be somewhere this Summer.

We will be keeping you posted on the progress, check back soon to see more details...

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