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August 4th, 2009

Who is a typical avast! user?

There seems to be a common belief that the users of avast! and other free anti-virus products are real technical or somehow different from the “normal” population. Of course we know this is not really true….it is true that they are different in that they understand it is not necessary to use a product from the big paid vendors to get the protection they need. But, other than that our users are representative of the world as a whole—they are you, me, our parents, and our friends. We are all pretty normal.

So we recently asked a few questions of our new registered users:

  1. What is your level of computer knowledge? About 60% of the users identified themselves as having average knowledge. 20% claimed to be advanced and 20% claimed to be beginners. This is probably very indicative of the world as a whole.
  2. What security product were you using before avast!? Here about 75% said they had been using one of the paid products with 40% converting from Symantec/McAfee to our free product.
  3. Why did you choose avast!? Here a phenomenal 65% said that they chose avast because a friend recommended it to them. This is a huge number. I know most companies would do just about anything to have so many users coming via recommendations. Thanks to all of you for recommending us to your family and friends.
  4. What is your age range? Here just over 50% were between 25 and 50. 30% were under 25 and 20% were over 50. Once again very typical.

Now of course this is not very exact as some did not answer. And of course I rounded some of the numbers above. But it does show that the profile of a free avast user is pretty average. On second thought, you all are above average as you are ignoring the hype of the traditional vendors and using the best protection available—avast!

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  • Maggot

    Recommendation rate for avast! is really huge – I myself recommended it to about 5-7 different users, more to come in the future. And it always delivers :)

  • Peter van de Beek

    1. I’m a System Admin myself. I trust Avast for home users. The technical aspect is also important to me. The fact that you can plan a scan before booting into the GUI of Windows is quite important to me

    2. I was using pay’d Kaspersky for Home users before using Avast!

    3. I’m using it, cause it won’t slow my system down. That’s a plus for a free AV program, but it’s also faster then lots of AV packets what you DO pay for.

    4. I’m 25 years old.

  • Cahya

    Well, I’m general user, maybe with less than avarage knowledge about computer expecially security matters. I was using McAfee before, because in my country it usually get preinstalled in new computer.

    I’m using it because I can’t find any better solution. I made a test my self for some others AV a couple times every year just to satisfy my curiosity, then in the end, back to Avast for sure. Because I can’t find any else better in my personal opinion, thats why I always recomending it to other when they asking for my opinion.

  • Sara

    I was recommended avst about 3 years ago when I was new to computers. Now I understand alot more and recommend it to others.

  • Marcel

    I always recommend avast! to my friends. Indeed, just few minutes ago a friend text me to tell that she already had installed avast after ditching ESET.

    BTW, kudos for the blog, I think is an excellent idea. I’ve already added the feed on my Google Reader.

  • PB

    I’ve been using avast home for more than 2 years now and without any problems at all.

    I was previously using AVG home before switching to Avast by reading the feedback from users on the web and I must say that switching was a wise decision even though AVG is good but I definitely find Avast a lot better.

    I have recommended Avast to at least 5 – 10 of my friends who are using it without any hassles.

    As for the quality of Avast Home against other [so called] top paid AV programs, I found Avast’s detection rate a lot lot better than most of the paid AV programs. I didn’t find a single false positive with Avast so far

    So keep up the good work guys and very much looking forward to the Avast 5 version :)


  • Tech

    Vincent, you’ve said: “recently asked a few questions of our new registered users”. Where? When?

  • Vincent Steckler

    Hi Tech. This is actually in the new registration screen. Users get the questionnaire when they register the free product.

  • rockernault

    i’m using avast because it has many modules that protect the whole system..

    high detection rates, plus a specific module for each part of the computer…

    i only need a firewall to get the work done

  • Julian Evans

    I was personally recommended avast! 3 years ago from a friend, who asked why I was using McAfee. I indicated my computer came with it pre-installed, and I had recently paid for the 1 year subscription when the trial period had ended. When the license expired I removed McAfee and installed avast! So as you can see I’m your typical example. However, I am though in the 20% of advanced users now :) Best Julian

  • wavierwister

    I’m from china. I first used it just on account of that it’s free. But later I realized what a fantastic software I was using. So I recommended avast! to my classmates. And Avast! never let us down.

  • Philippines

    Hi there! Yeah AVAST is really The BEST anti virus and i recommend it to everyone to use AVAST, and You will never regret it, You’ll gonna LOVE AVAST Forever !!!