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July 21st, 2009

Helping everybody

We would like to bring you closer to everyday life in avast! support, to share with you the interesting issues and thoughts of both our users and our support guys. As a part of it, you can have a look at some of the emails we receive. A lot of various emails and even quite rare classic paper letters come to us every day from all over the world. I hope you will find it interesting and you will like some of them posted here. As you will see the range of inquiries we get goes from computer problems, to questions about viruses, to actual product problems to completely off-base complaints such as the space shuttle infecting a PC and the user wanting to know when NASA will return his files.


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  • Tech

    Does NASA use avast?

  • Pavel

    no, they don’t use avast

  • joao barbosa

    o avast me alertou de dois virus movi para quarentena depois entrei na pasta
    que estava os virus tentei excluir mais nao consegui
    tentava excluir dava erro programa por outro
    alem disso começava aumentar copias das pastas
    quando acontecer isso o que eu fasso

  • roniee


    what AV they used???????????

  • Radhik

    Avast resident protection is very much helpful to me. Thanks!

  • Bob Fister

    I want to thank you for a great program. I instruct seniors at our local Senior Center. I use it as the best AV on the market. The only thing and its because they are beginners and up in age, I was wondering will the version 5 be any easier to load? Keep up the good work. Just a short story I had a friend who was running another AV and I loaded Avast on their PC, the scan had only been running about 5-10 minutes when it picked up a virus which the other program had missed. Good going and keep up the good work.

  • Vojta (Avast team)

    You can ask them ;) We are not monitoring their systems.

  • Vojta (Avast team)

    @Bob Fister
    Hello Bob, yes definitely the new version will have new enhanced user interface.

  • anietie

    hey, avast is the greatest, in my opinion at least. u see, that boottime scan feature of avast is just wonderful. it really does help me in my work. however, on some virus infected pc’s its impossible to install avast! i think avast should make a scanner that can be run from cd. it dont have to be free, i wouldnt mind paying 4 it, a lifetime subscription, so that i can keep downloading updates to it! hit me when u have implemented this idea

    if u use avast, you’ll have peace of mind

  • Asma Ahmed

    I am an Avast anti-virus software user but since last three or four days it has stopped working, i don’t know how. Now there has been a lot of virus detected in my laptop. The virus detected are trojan, worm and so on, more then 65 viruses have been detected and Avast doen’t seem to work. when i try to uninstall avast it doesn’t respond and even if i click the icon it doesn’t function.
    Please suggest me as to what is to be done in such a situation.
    Thanks and regards,
    Asma Ahmed

  • Guy_Smiley

    does anyone know what i can do to help a buddy out he was able toplayon pogo b4 he installed avast now something is blocking it and other progs to please get back to me this is very important to him