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Fast and easy way to get support

Avast Security Blogger, 21 July 2009

Fast and easy way to get support

With over 80 million users, one can expect that almost none of our users encounters a new problem or has a new question. To make it easier for users to find answers for these common questions, we have a variety of easy methods for you to find the answers. For finding answers to common questions, these methods are also much faster than writing to support.

We have guides for better orientation in the program available in many languages, please find your version at:

In case you will find any instruction in guide unclear, you can still visit our web pages Web page of our avast! Support Center is divided into the toolbar on the top of the screen, main window, My account and Search windows and the section of the most popular and latest Knowledgebase Articles.

You have direct access to avast! main web page from the top toolbar, there are all program versions, documents ready to download and an information about the purchase, support of avast! antivirus etc. The main window has four components: Register, Submit a Ticket (only registesterd users), Knowledgebase and a link to our Forum - Support Forums from where you can meet not only our users, but also developers of the program. The Forum can be found on our web page .

If you have any issues or doubt about the program, please open our Knowledgebase and have a look at the corresponding article or just use the Search button there. For the case that you are still not getting the proper results, our technical support team is ready to help you and you can Submit a Ticket from there.