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September 10th, 2013

Congrats! Your Mobile Number was selected as a winner of £2,000,000.00!

Yes! What a lucky day! I’ve just got a message that I won 2,000,000.00 British Pounds (2.4M EUR/3.1M USD), an Apple laptop, a T-shirt, and a cap emblazoned with a logo of The Free Lotto Company.  Pretty awesome you might think, but appearances are deceptive. Unfortunately, this is just one of the ways bad guys try to get some of our money.

Well, I was thinking, it‘s worth a shot. So I decided to write to the email address and see what would happen. Actually, the hardest part was a making up a fake name for myself! You would never believe how rough this might be. In the end, I decided to call myself Robert Konmed.


Here’s how the conversation went down.

Me: Hello, I’ve got a winning message with information to contact your email address. How can I pick up my prize please? Thank you, Robert Konmed

Bad guys: Please find attached document for info to contact courier delivery company: Regards Brian Calton


Me: Hello guys, I’m really excited about a winning prize. But would be possible to tell me how much I should prepare for a delivery company? And also I’m curious if there is possibility to charge delivery from my winning prize? Thank you & have a nice day! Best regards! Robert Konmed Read more…

April 16th, 2012

Fake Angry Birds Hits Android

A fake version of Angry Birds is making the rounds, warns Rovio, creator of the popular game. The fake is a fully functioningl version which quietly installs malicious code that gives hackers control over your phone.  If you need a fresh copy, make sure to get the real deal at the Rovio website.

Protect your Android mobile phone from malware like this with avast! Free Mobile Security.  avast! Free Mobile Security is a full-featured anti-theft and anti-malware app for Android smartphones. Available through the Android Market and other select markets, avast! Free Mobile Security is completely free.

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